Thursday, May 3, 2012

Life's messy.....

....and here's to Cleaning!

As a busy mom, I've hardly time to vet certain cleaning products, and while my "Not On" list is long (read: nearly limitless) my Gotta Have It List grows just as quickly.


Carpet cleaners. I have, say, three of them. Maybe four. No, wait. One died. I recall holding the burial, the fact that it was, indeed, murdered by someone (who is as of yet unclear) under the age of 12. A large bar of soap was found, lodged in cleaning mechanism.

I took it apart. Since is was already DOA, really, what more could I do it?

I replaced it.

Tried everything under the sun, from Urine Be Gone, Nature's Miracle (fabulous laundry qualities), to Bissell Pet Cleaners (both kinds), OxyGen......

my favorite:

half Windex, half hot hot hot water

Works. Like. A. Charm. For Really Ugly Bits, feel free to use the one with Ammonia already in it. With a tiny one all of a-sudden on the move, I'm not keeping great whopping quantities of anything around.

As we're currently at floor level, why not ride this train into Fabulous Wood Floor Preps?

We have cleats. Lots of cleats. Baseball. Softball. Football.

They leave marks. (so do some rude relatives that visit, dragging their heels everywhere they go - hello, have you not heard of removing your shoes at the door? 85% of household dirt stays at the door that way!!)

Enter....the tennis ball. Rub along the black mark, and voila'!

This is the tennis ball you do not throw back in the dryer....but we'll save that one for another day.

And..............the baby calls :)

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