Saturday, October 27, 2012

Stain Genius!

I am a stain removing Genius.

I removed blood from a white linen dress, a pink linen suit, eons ago, when my son and stain removers were in their infancy. Back in the days when ingenuity, elbow grease and sheer stubborn refusal to part with particular garments lead Laundry Goddess around the globe away from our dependency on Tide, Whisk, Era...(enter your favorite soap here) and embrace a new culture (a cult following, most likely) of stain removing products.

I take in other people's stains. Bask in the applause....adulation.......right: I digress. Sorry. Staring at the ever-growing Mount Never-Rest of four children, three sports and one infant/toddler learning to feed herself, with a love of brightly hued foods, I do try to find the bright spots.

I'd like to point out, this is not it's first stain rodeo today. See the bubbles? The color above? What happens when stain remover meets THIS VERY COLOR! 

Not pretty. I am not pleased, but more...say.....annoyed. Naturally, this is the first wearing of this fabulous addition to our wardrobe. I'm preparing to put this sucker in the circular flier, including the hyperventilating accompanying such a move with brand new clothing.

Gave the Dawn/hydrogen peroxide mix a shot. Rubbed and scrubbed with my very own toothbrush. *Note to self: find new brushes I know we have somewhere.

Nada. Remained as stubbornly affixed as before. 

Baby Girl thought this foray into using the tub for reasons other than bathing fascinating. She also reaches just high enough now to turn on and off the cold water tap. Adds great excitement, for all involved. 

I reapplied, liberally sprinkling with Baking Soda, walked away, yanking Screech away from the wonders of faucet usage. I'm soooo not in the mood to play the On!/Off! game with her. Bad enough I'm leaning over the tub, her hanging off my calves, yanking my loosish pants to my ankles all the while splashing me hither and yon with cold water. 

I figured I'd wait until I'd gotten her into bed for a "rest", heaven forbid I use the word nap!! before nipping in to check on my soaking laundry. Yeah. Like three hours passed. 

I came in. Closed my eyes. Turned on cold water tap, rinsed. Opened my eyes to:



I told you.


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